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Zix + Microsoft 365: Simpler Together
Launch a Secure, Modern Workplace | Help Remote Workers Thrive

Simplify M365 security and compliance with Zix.

When you purchase Microsoft's iconic suite of workplace tools (everything from Word and SharePoint to Teams and Stream) through Zix, you get better service. And if you layer in Zix security and compliance, you a get best-practice configuration out-of-thebox for a faster, more secure setup that requires less ongoing administration.

Microsoft 365 Hero

Microsoft 365 is an essential part of Secure Cloud

helping you achieve the Productivity modern businesses need to succeed.

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Microsoft - The leader in modern workplace software

  • The standard in workplace software
  • Used by over one million businesses
  • Email (Outlook)
  • Work apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Collaboration apps (SharePoint, Teams)
  • Cloud-based, access from anywhere


Zix - The leading provider of email security and compliance

(Provides M365 and secures it well beyond its native capabilities)

  • Used by over 90,000 businesses running Microsoft
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Over 99% effective against phishing attacks
  • Compliance-grade archiving
  • Unified portal for productivity, security, compliance
  • 24/7/365 Phenomenal Care



In an increasingly remote work environment, Microsoft 365 offers versatility with minimal infrastructure at low cost.Web and mobile versions of Microsoft 365 apps Desktop version of Microsoft 365 for PC and Mac Exchange email and calendaring File storage and sharing Teamwork and communication Security and compliance Windows licenses Device and app management Task management FeaturesAn integral part of the Zix Secure Cloud

  • Web and mobile versions of Microsoft 365 apps
  • Desktop version of Microsoft 365 for PC and Mac
  • Exchange email and calendaring
  • File storage and sharing
  • Teamwork and communication
  • Security and compliance
  • Windows licenses
  • Device and app management
  • Task management

In addition, the breadth of Microsoft's offerings make its systems challenging to navigate. Administrators are encouraged to practice "self-help" by r eading articles and are forced to make frequent judgement calls. With Zix, you get peace of mind, best practices, and responsive, award-winning support.

Benefits of Microsoft 365:

Microsoft 365 brings together Office applications, management tools (for mobile devices, apps, security, identity management, and more), operating system upgrades, and other efficiencies that prepare your business for the future.

It removes the complexities of software incompatibility and obsolescence and serves as an essential foundation for the secure, modern workplace

Plus, it works seamlessly with Zix's other security, compliance, and productivity services in our Secure Suite.

How Zix security completes M365:

When you purchase Microsoft 365 through Zix, you have the ability to wrap it in additional layers of convenience and security. This provides better protection and compliance out-of-the-box with turnkey solutions and responsive support.

You can manage M365 from within the same Secure Cloud interface where you control your other security and compliance solutions, and the security penetrates deeper-catching intrusions or subtle escalations of privileges.


Things that are only possible when you pair Microsoft 365 with Zix security:

Why get M365 through Zix?
Higher quality of care, better security, and it's easier to manage. You can control your M365 licenses through the Secure Cloud interface, along with your security and compliance tools, which saves time. It's also wrapped in the Phenomenal Care that's made Zix famous.

  1. Continuous monitoring and response- With an Office 365 Security Audit.
    The Zix security audit provides a one-click remediation capability from within our secure platform. Schedule audits to run automatically and receive detailed information on your Microsoft 365 tenant that even Microsoft doesn't capture
  2. Fully secure the workplace- With simple but powerful Email Encryption and Secure File Sharing.
    Zix Email Encryption is both powerful and simple to use. It doesn't rely on users to decide what to encrypt, and unlike Microsoft 365's native encryption, recipients can initiate sending you secure messages and files. Sensitive information remains secure, and it's all wrapped in Phenomenal Care support.
  3. Catch emerging threats and zero-day attacks - With Email Threat Protection.
    Zix is the first to know about and prepare for emerging threats. That's thanks to our machine learning, advanced filtering, and 24/7/365 team of Threat Analysts who stay at the forefront of security
  4. Simplify compliance - With Information Archiving and Email Encryption.
    Zix archiving allows your organization to capture and preserve communications for compliance, audits, and to meet regulatory requirements. Easily manage and enforce policies to catch emails before they leave the network.
  5. Keep your business connected and resilient - With Cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Email Continuity.
    If your cloud services or email go down, business can grind to a halt. Our backup, continuity, and recovery provide a failsafe so even if services like M365 or Google go down, users can continue to access and send files and email. And in the event of a malicious attack, you can recover to any point in time

Secure Cloud

Unleash your teams to become more productive, secure, and compliant in a complex, digital world.

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